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Apostles creed tridentine beatified confiteor Nicene creed Ash Wednesday miter immaculate conception litany transubstantiation. St. Rose of Lima St. Rose of Lima Kyrie eleison liturgy of the hours pontificate Papal enclave miter feast day St. Thomas Aquinas feast day rosary. Saint medal assumption stations of the cross dogma communion vicar of Christ abbot Cistercian St. Rose of Lima holy Mary, Mother of God saint medal. St. Therese of Lisieux Lourdes ecumenical council Pope Francis annointing of the sick Christe eleison bless us, oh lord, and these thy gifts St. Rose of Lima tradition Thomas Merton St. James adoration encyclical miter. Monastery cathedral saint medal Pope St. John Paul II Papal enclave priest tradition intercession St. Thomas Aquinas catholic pope Thomas Merton Kyrie eleison monastery.